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What makes an appealing Boudoir or Portrait photo?

The answer lies beyond the obvious. It’s a mistake to think that everyone wants to see just nudity.

Otherwise pornography would be the only popular genre. When a man admires a woman they actually appreciate something more…the art form, the beauty of a pose, the seduction or cheekiness in the eye.

A photo is a frozen moment in time in which we can capture an amazing emotion. It doesn’t matter the size of the woman, the age, hair colour, breast size. The expression on her face is the most important.

When girls walk into my studio they can be a bit nervous. Once we start shooting and I show them the photos in my camera their faces light up when they see how different they look than they expected. I’ve never had anyone, and I mean anyone be unhappy with their photos. I will pose you, make sure the lighting is flattering and take care of everything else but the facial expression is up to you and your only job!

You can seduce someone by just glancing at them. If you want to look at old iconic photographs (as well as my photos!) and see how they have caught that seduction moment, that is a great way to start. Then practice in front of a mirror, it’ll feel stupid at first but it works!

And don’t worry about all the rest of the shoot…your body position, your hair and makeup, what your lingerie looks like etc. I have that covered. You just have to pretend you’re an actor thinking about someone you want to seduce.

We naturally react through our expressions by looking seductively at someone we fancy. So to look appealing in your Boudoir shoot just look at the camera like you’ve just seen your First Love. Your husband that you have that unique tender bond with; a hot guy that has just bought you a drink at your favourite bar. Or your favourite actor that you just happened to bump into (ask me how I blushed when I saw Mel Gibson a the gym in LA! He smiled at me OMG!).

So you get the point. Let’s get your sexy on and have a bit of fun!


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