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Develop your self-confidence with Australia’s most awarded boudoir photographer, Analisa Corr

Welcome To Analisa Corr Photography in Melbourne. Australia’s most awarded photographer, Analisa Corr specialises in boudoir portraits that make women feel great by uplifting their confidence. Whether you are looking for a fashion boudoir portrait or maternity photography, I can offer you the most amazing experience that you would expect to receive from a boudoir photographer. 


Professional Boudoir Photography in Melbourne

Looking for a reliable boudoir photographer in Melbourne to capture your true self and reveal your inner sensual side? Analisa Corr Photography offers professional boudoir photography, an intimate photographic style that captures your self-expression and empowerment in a natural and sensual setting. With its vibrant urban landscape and stunning natural beauty, Melbourne provides an ideal backdrop for boudoir sessions that showcase the intimate sensuality of every individual. Analisa Corr, Australia’s most awarded boudoir photographer specialises in capturing the inner beauty and confidence of her clients in Melbourne.

In Melbourne, Analisa creates a safe environment for individuals of all backgrounds to celebrate their unique allure. Whether in luxurious hotels, modern studios, or on picturesque beaches, the settings are carefully curated to enhance the experience. Each session is a personalised adventure, guided by Analisa Corr's skill and experience, resulting in stunning and tasteful images that empower self-love and body positivity. Professional Boudoir photography in Melbourne is more than just artistry; it's a journey of self-discovery and a celebration of one's sensuality and beauty.

Why Do A Boudoir Shoot In Melbourne

Why? Simply, because you deserve the investment. These women you see on my website are everyday women (although amazing women) just like you. Nurses, Doctors, Flight attendants, Corporate executives, Scientists, stay-at-home Mums, and many more. These women are all completely gorgeous and all decided to invest in themselves.

Everybody is beautiful in their own right; I know it sounds so cliche but it just happens to be true. Most of my clients have no idea how good they look until they see what I see through my lens. My Professional team guarantees great results that show off your best assets, touched up perfectly with ideal lighting and poses for your body shape. I am giving you permission (and safe space) to explore your own kind of beautiful, the "naked" you - sensual, raw, vulnerable, playful, adventurous, uninhibited. You'll get photos that are stunning, unique and classy, and they will last a lifetime.

In our everyday life, we constantly cover ourselves up physically and emotionally. I pride myself on connecting with my clients & working out unique shoots to reveal your inner beauty and personality. Some of us are shy, some of us aren't. There's nothing more beautiful than capturing your innocence. And there's nothing more exciting than exposing your extraverted Ness. 


Maternity Photography In Melbourne

Pregnancy brings many changes, including a growing belly that may not always feel glamorous. Embrace this wonderful journey towards welcoming your little one! Why not elevate your pregnancy photos with a unique twist - consider a maternity boudoir photoshoot. Boost your self-esteem by slipping into exquisite lingerie, enjoying some playful moments, and letting the camera immortalise your beauty during this extraordinary chapter of life. If you are an expecting mom looking for a customised boudoir maternity photoshoot in Melbourne, call me now!

Analisa Corr Photography in Melbourne specialises in creating heartfelt, artistic, and timeless images that celebrate the unique journey of pregnancy. These maternity boudoir photo sessions provide expectant mothers with treasured keepsakes, preserving the glow and joy of this precious moment, and making maternity photography in Melbourne an unforgettable experience.



“I love shooting boudoir as I know so many of us need time to give SELF LOVE back to ourselves. To be reminded we are beautiful, sensual and feel ourselves again in a crazy busy world where we don't have time for ourselves. Too many ideals, too many pressures to be something...this is YOU time to enjoy who you are...and just let your hair down and have fun!”

- Analisa



I provide a special Magazine package called 'Cover Girl' which is great for Instagram publicity or if you want to promote yourself for media channels. This means we guarantee the publication of particular people.

Do you want to promote yourself on media channels? At Analisa Corr Photography, we capture your boudoir portraits. During the sessions, I will be able to make you look amazing by specific lighting and directing you from head to foot to show off your best features. Call me to discuss this if you're interested and we can get it done.


Fashion & Beauty Photography in Melbourne

Melbourne's fashion and beauty photography scene thrives as a dynamic fusion of creativity and style. As a reliable boudoir photographer in Melbourne, I love to capture the essence of trends and individual beauty and produce stunning imagery that elegances magazines, advertisements, and social media. With a vibrant fashion culture and diverse talent pool, Melbourne remains a hub for cutting-edge fashion and beauty photography, setting trends worldwide.

Trust Me To Make You Relax!

“I have been capturing intimate boudoir photography portraits for women for years. Me and my team of professional hair and makeup artists will leave you feeling incredible. Nothing like a bit of fun on the day with a great group of girls to settle any nerves.”


Be Yourself With Bespoke Boudoir Photography in Melbourne

Analisa Corr is committed to providing high-quality boudoir portraits throughout Melbourne at competitive rates. You’ll notice the exceptional quality from the moment our photoshoot begins. Many of my Clients have commented that their boudoir photography experience with me was one of the greatest days in their lives and a pivotal moment in how they saw themselves.

Doing a boudoir shoot isn't just about the shoot itself. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Even if you've never done anything like this before, I promise that I will guide you through step by step. Whether you are celebrating a special day, an anniversary or an event, exploring your true self, or indulging in a day of self-care, this will be an investment and an unforgettable experience. Irrespective of your gender, age, body shape, or comfort level in front of a camera, we are dedicated to establishing a secure and non-judgmental environment where you can fully and unapologetically embrace your authentic self.


Client’s Testimonials


Loved shooting with Analisa, there was a positive and creative energy about her that drew a part of me out. 10 out of 10 would indulge in the creativity again.

Miss Rachel C. California


Analisa is one of my favourite photographers that I've worked with. Working with her is really fun and totally engaging!

Mr. Tanman B. QLD


Working with Analisa was an amazing experience. She was very professional and made me feel so comfortable and looked after. You can tell she takes her work very seriously and is very passionate.

Miss Storm M. QLD

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