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POSING FOR BOUDOIR: How poses are one part of the appeal

Boudoir Photographer Gold Coast | Boudoir Photography Gold Coast

People instinctively perceive art and it’s my job as a photographer to ‘pose’ you into that art form. It

can be a more ‘posed’ pose or a more ‘relaxed’ pose. I help models relax into either so they look

their most appealing…this is the secret of appeal!

We naturally ‘pose’ when we are around someone we want to catch the eye of…even if we don’t

know we do it. I have outlined a few pointers of how to pose beautifully yet still look natural in a Boudoir shoot.

  1. Don’t worry and be nervous, you’re in good hands. If things don’t go to plan that’s fine, I have had many things not go to plan and work out differently but better than we thought was possible.

  2. Listen to and enjoy the music. I always play fun tracks to loosen you up, or you’re welcome to bring your own that cheers you up. Posing is kind of like moving/dancing to music.

  3. Tell me about any issues/insecurities you have. Don’t be silent or shy about problems, we can solve them I promise.

  4. Keep your back straight or arch if you can, keeping shoulders back. Raise your head up slightly and push your tongue on the roof of your mouth up to the sky. Bend though your hips and try and make the letter S through your body, whatever pose you are making. Point you toes like a ballerina even if they’re not in the shot, it elongates your legs. Bend one leg in front of the other, it creates beautiful curves.

  5. Touch yourself with your fingertips and don’t be scared to touch your cheek, your chest, or hold your thighs. Push your hair up above your head, it’s seductive and creates more volume.

  6. Breathe deeply in and out through your mouth as you look into the camera, this relaxes you and I will capture the perfect moment when you breathe out and have that gorgeous pout.


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